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1. Water is also essential in a balanced diet becacuse all the chemical reactions in the body take place in solution.

2. If we do not have enough iron in our diet, fewer red blood cells will be produced. This condition is called anaemia. A person suffering from anaemia will look pale and feel tired.

3. A deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy, a disease that makes the gums swell and bleed, and slows down the healing of wounds.

4. The human digestive system is a continuous tube running from mouth to anus. It is about 10m long and food takes about 24 hours to pass from one end to the other.

5. Pepsin is an enzyme that digests protein. It is part of the digestive juices made inthe stomach. The digestive juices are very acidic about pH2. So pepsin works best in these conditions.

6. Blood capillaries are so small that in the heart, a molecule of glucose only has to travel 1/1000th of millimetre to reach the part of the muscle cells wehreit is needed.

7. Tissue fluid is mainly water. This is why fresh meat always looks (and feels) wet.

8. The energy released from a molecule of ATP is often enough to supply the energy needs of single chemical reaction in the body.

9. There are more than 2000 km of blood vessels in your lungs.

10 The air sac walls are only one cell thick.

11. The word atom comes from the Greek word 'atomos'. This word means indivisible (cannot be divided)

12. Diamond contains only carbon atoms. The biggest diamond ever found had a mass of almost that 600g. That means that it contained about 30 million million million million carbon atoms.

13. Copper, silver and gold belong to a chemical family called the coingae metals. They are all unreactive, do not corrode, and, as a result have been used to make coins.
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