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Asif Iqbal  Malik Asif Iqbal Muhammad Larick


 + 92 0314 5976 700

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Some Hard and fast rules while communicated with aiseries

Voice call is neither allowed to any company nor any person who are not permanent members of aiseries they should take a prior permission of aiseries. These type of permission can be taken via electronic mail (email) or via Short Massage Services. (SMS) simply type your "Name" and some necessary information which are enough to explain you in massage and send it to the above given number and if you want your registration on mail so give us full detail.
If you couldn't call aiseries in period of three Months, then your number can be removed from contact list on permanent basis without any notification

Send me your question in case of any problem

I specially thankful to

wikipedia.org microsoft.com youtube.com

Best regards,
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